Bank Products

bank productsRefund Anticipation Loans (RAL)
RAL checks are available within minutes of when Refund Advantage receives the taxpayer’s acknowledgement.  This is typically within 24 hours of filing the tax return.

RAL proceeds can be released by check, direct deposit, or by cash card. The balance of the taxpayer’s federal refund is paid to the taxpayer at no additional charge.

Quick RAL
RAL proceeds are available instantly, within minutes of our receipt of the application and tax return. Taxpayers can borrow up to $800.00, instantly.  The balance can be in form of a RAL (for the additional RAL fee), or in the form of an overage check at no additional charge.

Electronic Refund Checks
ERCs are a quick and effective method to receive your tax refund.  Federal tax refunds are available in as soon as 3 days due to the changes in IRS processing cycles under the new IRS CADE payment system.  This means that many ERCs will be available within 3 days and the rest are usually available within 6-11 days.

Electronic Refund Deposits
ERDs are a way for taxpayers with a checking or savings account to receive their tax refund.  This means instead of receiving a paper check the taxpayer can have their refund deposited into their account, the taxpayer provides us with their personal bank account information and funds are deposited.

Cash Cardsgcccards
Our Refund Advantage Cash Card works like an ATM/debit card.  We provide the taxpayer with a Cash Card at the time that your taxes are prepared and when your funds are available the proceeds will be on the Cash Card almost immediately.

Refund Advantage imposes no daily withdraw limit on the Cash Card. The Cash Card can be used nationwide at ATM machines or used to make purchases at stores that accept pin-based debit cards.

State Refund Products
Taxpayers will receive their state refund in the same disbursement method as their federal refund, state refund proceeds are available in as little as 2 days after filing the tax return.